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Bo Sanchez invites you:    

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Finally, a Pinoy Internet Marketing Mentor who shows you how to earn money online -step by step.  Plus he even gives you regular ideas on what to blog about , what to sell, how it all works together, in Sesame Street - like simplicity combined with Yoda-like wisdom.

It's all in Jomar Hilario's Online Mentoring Club, where you can enjoy lessons from Jomar and even guidance from your online classmates who are already earning online!

From: Jomar Hilario Sunday 6:28 PM

Dear Internet Income Seeker (with a special shoutout to Aussie Pinoy/visitors!),

Are you working now? Are you secure with your job in the midst of the layoffs around you? If you'd like to be prepared for any unfortunate "downsizing" your company might be considering - or just want to add to your daily income --then maybe Internet Marketing is for you.

But maybe you have a business and you want to go "international" or even use the internet to sell your products and services.  You've tried it once but it doesn't seem to work. Then maybe it's time to get a mentor - an internet marketing mentor - not just a website.

But first what is "Internet Marketing"? Let me explain by telling you my story.

Since 2001, I've always wondered - while surfing the 'net- just "How on Earth Can I Earn From This Internet Thing!!?" I've heard of big companies barely making money and hardly anyone saying they are earning - much less offering to teach me how.

In 2005, - after attending a seminar by Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad Poor Dad) in Singapore - I started promoting tough to promote events like a 10,000 seater concert (at the Araneta) -using mostly the internet - within 30 days. 
I hardly succeeded my first time - but figured out a system that enabled me to generate 2 million pesos in ticket sales in 30 days - using 95% internet marketing. Who taught me how to do it, step by step? Nobody, really. I just applied what I knew about marketing (very little) by instinct -and it worked on the internet!

I was able to repeat it TWICE a few months later and soon Bo Sanchez, the best selling writer and speaker asked me to be his Internet Marketing adviser for his online brands. Here's what Bo had to say about it::

Dear Jomar,

Thanks to you and your brilliant internet marketing ideas, our brands continue to grow steadily. I think what sets you apart is your commitment to never-ending growth in the world of internet marketing. You keep on expanding your knowledge in internet marketing and then you turn around and selflessly share this mountain of knowledge to us. Once again, thanks for all the strategies that have made us win again and again.

Bo Sanchez (Best Selling Author and Preacher)

Through lots of self reliance, mistakes, research and attending several expensive seminars by International Internet Marketing Experts and Pioneers I was able to practice and validate what I know and started earning using the Internet - even though there isn't an event involved.

This knowledge and the resources I've gained are what I share to follow Pinoys in a 14 hour 2 day workshop held in Manila since 2008.  There I teach them how to create semi-passive income from the web - without SELLING A THING. Then I discuss the step by step setting up of an online store for a truly (eventually) passive business that actually sells something without doing any face to face with your customer (or even over the phone, the system will work even if you're asleep).

But what about Pinoys who aren't in Manila?  This is why I created the
Online Internet Marketing Workshop Club.

What is it? It's an internet version of the live workshop - but BETTER.  Same lessons but with more chances to discuss, ask questions, get clarifications and directions. Yes, you can consider it like having a mentor for ONE YEAR.

Of course, you can always get a 2nd or 3rd job that takes you farther from your family- but internet income -if setup correctly (I'll show you how) is semi-passive and ultimately passive.  You get the chance to start a home business that can actually give you more time for family and loved ones.

THIS CLUB INCLUDES 20,000 pesos worth of Legally Downloadable Products and files that you may SELL -and keep ALL THE PROFITS - 
plus lots of material that you can use you populate or fill up your blogs.

This means you DON'T Need a Product to start.
You also don't need a Website to start nor do you need to know how to CREATE a WEBSITE before you start.

We'll all do that together in the LESSONS.


No paypal account?

Right now you can avail of this via one time payment of P 16,750,  P 16750 for two people  by depositing via my BPI savings bank account 3216-3898-62 
name Jose Mario R Hilario
 then emailing me the Amount, Bank Branch and Date.

Want to get started right away in building your semi-passive income generating Internet Based Business? Sign up now to my free 3 Month email course.


* Your name and email address will not be sold, shared or disclosed to anyone.
We promise to respect your privacy.

(You might want to Print This Page to review it carefully)

So here's what you'll receive in the

Online Internet Marketing Workshop Club

  • 1. STEP BY STEP. You simply follow step by step instructions via email sent to you weekly (sometimes more than once a week).  The emails contain the links to presentations that have detailed procedures in setting up earning websites as promised in the live workshops.

    You'll be receiving the messages --due to popular demand --all within one month - but you can go back to them to reread them at your leisure in the Online Internet Marketing Workshop Club Website.

    To remind you what this Club can give you, you can:
    • Learn how to...
      -Setup a business that can replace your day job
      -Setup a business that you can sell someday. like real estate
      -Setup a 2nd source of income w/o leaving your day job!
      -Deal with Virtual Assistants for the first time-effectively!
      -No retirement pay? No problem! Online businesses can be your retirement income!
      -Learn how the internet experts are doing it-even if you're not that good yourself!
      -Setup and use autoresponders
      -Sell online w/o knowing how to sell personally
      -Set things up automatically so it makes money while you slumber
      -Find and create products that can make income for you.

      For Businesses:
      -Learn the techniques Pinoy & International Internet Marketers have used for years!
      -Promote your business -online -ahead of your competitors!
      -Follow SEO practices from the beginning --even w/o realizing it!
      -Find out where the LATEST keywords can come from (nope, it's not overture)
      -Discover more about your clients w/o asking them.
      -Saturate the internet w/o doing the heavy lifting yourself.

      See what you can benefit from attending this workshop:

      BENEFIT 1: Create a way to make money semi-passively on the internet. Blogging with Adsense with Automatic Writing (note: no writing talent required, minimum time spent per month)

      How to....
      +- Find popular niches in small markets in seconds!
      +- Know what other things your market is interested in aside from your niche.
      +- Name your blog so it appears top in search engines
      +- Update your blog regularly, even when you're on vacation or busy doing other things.
      +- Keep your blog relevant/current even if you have no writing talent.
      +- Develop your blog's popularity - both quickly and slowly you can do both - at the same time!
      +- Maximize your blog format for high adsense earnings.
      +- Track which niche is making money for you.
      +- "Decorate" your blog with items that increase it's earning potential.
      +- Do "link love" for maximum popularity (for your blog).
      +- Do all the above in the shortest number of steps possible.
      +- Make blogs that give only a high amount of income and ignore those niches that pay comparatively little.
      +- Make use of other people's blogs to make yours more popular.
      +- Never run out of topics for your blogs.
      +- Take charge of your income in blogging - concentrate on the money earners.
      +- Do all of the above ETHICALLY and LEGALLY

      BENEFIT 2: Build an online business complete with customers, products and credit card acceptance!

      Create an online store, an online newsletter and a client capture website!
      How to....
      +- Start an online store with one product only and build up to many
      +- Set up a site or email that instantly accepts credit cards - from the Philippines (or your country)!
      +- Capture client's emails in any site/email you create.
      +- Create an automated online newsletter
      +- Find stuff to put into your newsletter when you have no writing talent.
      +- Create free offers.
      +- Use the very system that the Internet Marketing "Bigboys" are using to create their wealth!
      +- Close a sale on the internet
      +- Use BENEFIT 1 in creating your product - if you don't have one.
      +- Super charge your existing business so you're on top of your client's needs.
      +- Fill up your store/venue when you have an event/promo sale
      +- Get ahead in your business using time tested practices marketing experts use in your own niche!

      BENEFIT 3: Let everybody in your market know all about you. Internet Promotion, where to do it, do's and don'ts ,

      How to....
      +- Promote in forums, blogs, social networks, event calendars, etc.
      +- Have the correct mindset so you succeed in promotion
      +- Synergize your offline and online promotions for maximum success utilize offline marketing techniques in your online promotions
      +- Be a business owner- when it comes to promoting your business or service.

      BENEFIT 4: Virtual Assistants: Free up your time in the process. There's so much to do, so little time, What do I do?

      How to....
      +- Avoid doing all this heavy lifting and get your life back while earning on the side.
      +- Find, qualify and deal with virtual assistants (VA) that do all the work for you
      +- How to create digital products just by dealing with these VAs.

2. NO OVERLOAD. You will not be overloaded with information or “products” or ebooks to read.  Just an email or an entertaining presentation to tell you how it's done...and why.
3. SECRETS EXPOSED. You will learn exactly how to promote, create blogs, promote events, connect the blogs - and virtually take advantage of anything that may create income from the internet. All the secret layouts, techniques you need to know to earn.

Most "gurus" tell you the concept but stop short of "how". You'll know both.

4. TIMELY DELIVERY. You follow along in your spare time. Lessons are done in good timing and not all at once - since that normally causes confusion.

5. UPDATED INFO. These instructions are the updated online version of the materials discussed in the live workshops in Manila.  Why updated? Because technology moves too fast, for example, early this year we used Google Pages, now nobody can register for a new Google Pages account anymore.  They have to use Google Sites - unfortunately Google Sites is harder to use - so I came up with another solution. You'll find out when you sign up.

6. DIFFERENT WAYS.  You will be taught how to earn money in different ways:
    a. blogging for non-writers
    b. blogging for writers
    C. selling ebooks
    D. using pictures to earn

7. MULTI-MEDIA. You will have access to Presentations/PDFs that contain diagrams and charts that explain how things are done. This is for people who learn visually.  If there are videos that can be used to explain the methods, you will have access to these, too.

8. SIMPLE WORDS. You will be following very simply designed guides. No heavy words like “engagement or usability or search engine optimization“. You will learn how to do these, just not the unnecessary words that make it seem so complicated.

9. FUN AND WISDOM. You will encounter a bit of humor in these guides. As well as bit of inspiration and thoughtful quotes. This is how the live Hands On Internet Marketing Workshop is done - this is how you’ll experience it, too-from the comfort of your own home! Everybody loves to be entertained while they learn and many people love games. For example, even now there are EASTER EGGS inside the Club. Find them and you've discovered an unannounced bonus!

I am very happy to inform you that I just reach my first $100 in google adsense today.

My current total earnings is $110.77. So far, I have 2 blogs. I'm one of your July 11 and 12, 2008 internet marketing workshop attendees in SM MOA. I learned to blog just after I attended your workshop.

Thank you very much for sharing this opportunity to others.

By the way, I am very willing to learn from more internet business opportunities that you may offer...

Dandy Abellanosa
Immigration Advisor from Cebu

10. VIRTUAL ASSISTANTS. You also learn how to manage a staff of people online who can help make money for you - while you do other things. I've had three years experience in doing this, you know.

If you've read the book "Four Hour WorkWeek" by Tim Ferris, you'll know that this is one of the secrets to taking back your time and life!

12,750) pesos!

THIS CLUB INCLUDES 20,000 pesos worth of Legally Downloadable Products and files that you may SELL -and keep ALL THE PROFITS.

This means you DON'T Need a Product to start.
You also don't need a Website to start nor do you need to know how to CREATE a WEBSITE before you start.

We'll all do that together in the LESSONS.


But wait! There's more.

11. YOU'RE NOT ALONE. To help you "network"/"get to know" the other people enrolled in the Online Internet Marketing Workshop Club, you'll be given access to the Club website that allows you to share notes and help each other as well.  This will be your exclusive online classroom.

Here are you actual classmates as of 2010, for privacy's sake,
the images are really small. Go inside the club to actually meet them.

Below is a sneak peek at what can be expected inside the Main Site of the Online Internet Marketing Workshop Club:

So here's what my page looks like. You'll have your own. Like Friendster, this is a Social Network. You'll be interacting with like minded people around the Philippines and soon around the world - on the various topics about Internet Marketing and your success journey in general.  But unlike Friendster, this is exclusive to Club members only and it's goal based.

So how can this site help you in your goals?

For starters, do you see that greeting in the picture above? "Welcome! You're going to earn ....". That's my personal greeting for ME. You can make your own so everytime you visit the Club site, you are reminded of your goals.


Ask questions, get answers from me or another expert who happens to be a member of the Club. This is a solid example giving you a way to live this wise advise: "The more people you help get what they want, the faster you'll get what you want" - Zig Ziglar.

Here you can find out how others are doing their work too.


You can post events for others to see, your own promotions and also find out about events surrounding Internet Marketing as well as other Jomar Hilario promoted/hosted/facilitated events you might be interested in.


It's so fun you can change the way your site appears for you. You'll be spending a good amount of time in this site, might as well make it look NICE for you.


This is the page where I send the latest Internet Marketing Workshop  Lessons to you. Missed the emails? You can get the  Lessons here. Once all the Lessons are uploaded, you can back track or even go advanced - once you have the time.

There's really more you can do inside the Club site, like an Internal Blog where you can post your thoughts and plans and to-dos. But let's not get bogged down with details, this Club Site is a tool to create and Internet based stream of income and we'll use it as such and of course have fun along the way.

12. OFFLINE LEARNING. Plus you'll also get tips on:
   a. What new books to read to increase your knowledge
   b. What seminars to attend to get that energy to keep on going
   c. What audiobooks / lectures to listen to inspire you

And that's not all, I saved the best for last.

13. MENTORED BY A MENTOR Starting 2007, I've been mentored by Internet Marketing Guru Stephen Pierce, one of the American Internet Marketing pioneers and best sellers on the web.  The lessons I learned and are still learning from him  - I pass on to you. Not only do I learn from mistakes, I learn from the best. You will too!  And I commit to help you make internet income for 365 days, 54 weeks or 1 year.

Jomar, my internet marketing man!

The Think Rich Pinoy Wealth Seminar is filled to capacity each and every time. Why? Because of your commitment to taking charge of marketing Think Rich Pinoy locally and globally through the internet.

At times I did not think we would make our target. But you always come through. In addition, I am constantly amazed at the quality of the people you bring in to the Think Rich Pinoy Wealth Seminar. I can only attribute it to Jomar's CANI (Constant and Never Ending Improvement).

I am looking forward to November 22, 2008 our next Think Rich Pinoy Seminar. What surprise do you have in store Jomar? Your commitment and marketing prowess allows Bo and I to simply deliver the best Seminar ever on the Theology of Money (Bo) and the Technology of Money (Larry).

Larry Gamboa
Author of ThinkRichPinoy!

What kind of questions are probably
running through your mind today?

Is it too hard?
Q: Can I really do this? I’m not a very technical person.

A: The only requirement is that you actually know how to use a computer to surf the internet. You know how to type web addresses (http.??), how to click links, type words, fill up blanks in websites (called forms, just like the paper forms).  If you know how to create (not just send) an email account, then you can do this.  If it's your FIRST TIME to use the internet, I suggest you sign up but get assistance from someone younger in your family to do the assignments.

No credit card?

Q: How can I avail of it if I don’t have a credit card?

A: Right now you can avail of this via one time payment of P 16,750,  P 16750 for two people by depositing via my BPI savings bank account 3216-3898-62 name Jose Mario R Hilario.

Try it out?

Q: Do you have offer trials? I like cars and I like test drives, can I do that to your Online Internet Marketing Workshop Club?

Want to get started right away in building your semi-passive income generating Internet Based Business? Sign up now. It's free. 3 Month Ecourse.


* Your name and email address will not be sold, shared or disclosed to anyone.
We promise to respect your privacy.

A: Sign up to and enjoy three months (3 months!) of free lessons from me. It’s just a glimpse/ snapshot/ idea of what to expect if you sign up. In the free three month course I do not expose a lot of secrets of the trade but In the Online Internet Marketing Workshop Club, I’ll spoonfeed you the secrets!

While you’re there, you might also want to signup to my book chapters “How to Fulfill Your Dreams”. It’s a work in progress and you get to read it first! It’s designed to kick you to start earning extra for your family and loved ones today.

Other People
Q: How many people have done this before?
A: This is the online version of a live seminar, featuring more detailed material.  Check out what the people are saying:

From an Entrepreneur
Great Workshop! One of my favorites so far... learned so much in two days!  Jomar's teaching style is hands-on, practical and can be easily and readily applied! I would highly recommend this to my friends and everyone. After the seminar, you go home bringing so much with you! sulit talaga...

Gia Garcia
Think Rich Pinoy Franchisee

Easy To Understand
I was an attendee last July 08 Batch and I learned a lot from Jomar. I learned how to create an internet site and more even if I have little knowledge about computers. Jomar's approach is easy to understand and he is very accommodating especially if you have questions.

Yljien Santos

From a 17 year old from Cebu
Thanks for helping me in my Internet Business! I'm really glad I attended your Internet Marketing Seminar! It helped me a lot! Now I don't download any online games in my computer anymore and don't go to internet cafe with my friends just to play computer games! I'm now enjoying earning from blogs that I made! heheh! ^_^ Not only that, I'm really thankful for your continuing coaches even if the seminar has already ended. Thanks a lot kuya! Hope you could continue helping more people earn passive income through your seminars. God Bless you kuya! Take Care Always! ^_^

Jan Mckingley Hilado

Why Do This?

Q: Why do you offer what you offer? Why not just keep it all to yourself?
A: It’s in my nature to share. My high school year book said “He’s always ready to share his ideas”. I didn’t understand what it meant before - but now I know I was meant to learn and to teach others.

Also, I believe the more people I help, the more successful I will be.

Why the Price?
Q: Why is your club priced that way?
A: At this early time, I want to teach those who are really serious about earning online.

From experience -it's those who've invested more in my live workshops are those who succeed FASTER and EARLIER. I want to work with winners.  If you think the price is too high, then perhaps you need to prove to yourself first if you're really ready.  At first I didn't think I can afford the 60,000 peso seminar fee in Singapore (first wealth seminar I attended) but when I decided to move my life forward, I simply paid it. 
Same with the P 80,000 fee for my personal internet marketing knowledge from Stephen Pierce.

Blogging Only

Q: Will you be teaching us all about blogging only?
A: Blogging is just one part of earning - presently, the lowest but more passive way of earning. You will learn other ways to earn online that doesn’t involve blogging.

Difference with the live workshop for 14hours/2days?

Q: What's the difference between this and the live 2 day workshop?

A:Online mentoring is a 1 year commitment to mentor you online., personally check your work. guide you using the same lessons as the 14 hour workshop PLUS any updates and new technologies plus the inevitable bonuses that I always give away.  This is more ideal for people who want to GET THE INFO slowly and deliberately -and wants a HAND HOLDING experience - online.  They belong to an exclusive CLUB with it's own group website that they can access ANYTIME. Membership to this exclusive club and it's lessons are lifetime.

14 hour hands on --concentrates all lessons in 2 days. After the 2 days attendees get to optionally join another group called *pinoynetwizards* for mutual support. this is free but there is no commitment from me for a 1 year mentoring.  This is ideal for fast internet users who just want to "GET IT ALL NOW" since they already know the technical terms.

Affiliate Marketing
Q: I want to learn Affiliate Marketing, is this included?
A: Affiliate Marketing is about being an online salesman for someone. This topic is not included in the course HOWEVER the large section on online promotions would be very valuable for an affiliate marketer.  Do you want to know why I don't include affiliate marketing inside the club? Because it's all here ANYWAY.

I Have A Business...
Q: I have a business, I’d like to have a good internet presence or get clients online, can you help me?

A: The promotion section as well as the autoresponder section will be invaluable to you.  Want to fill up a venue in 30 days? How about drive traffic to your site and capture their emails? All those and more.

 You may also contact me for CONSULTATIONS (

So How Much?

For the Online Internet Marketing Workshop Club your investment is the reasonable amount of P 16,750 

P 16750 for two people  - for a whole year's worth of UPDATED lessons, techniques and guidance and access to the Club website and resources.

Since I know it's 100% to your benefit to act right away, I want to sweeten the pot and give you every possible reason to say YES today!

THIS CLUB INCLUDES 20,000 pesos worth of Legally Downloadable Products and files that you may SELL -and keep ALL THE PROFITS.

This means you DON'T Need a Product to start.
You also don't need a Website to start nor do you need to know how to CREATE a WEBSITE before you start.

We'll all do that together in the LESSONS.


No paypal account?
Right now you can avail of this via one time payment of P 16,750,  P 16750 for two people  by depositing via my BPI savings bank account 3216-3898-62 
name Jose Mario R Hilario then emailing me the Amount, Bank Branch and Date.

In the nature of internet businesses, the earlier you start, the better it is for you as the passage of time actually increases your earnings. While I'm sitting here typing this-my websites are making me money.
Believe it!

Look at it this way -- P 16,750 P 16750 for two people for a full year's mentoring is really a painless drop in the bucket to be able to get your hands on the Online Internet Marketing Workshop Club and start using it right away to improve your lifestyle!

You Really Can’t Afford Not To Invest In
“Online Internet Marketing Workshop Club”
It's easy to get started right away. Just click the order link below.

Click here to order right now for only P 16,750,  P 16750 for two people 
(even if it’s 3:00 am in the morning).

Jomar, I Just Have To Have This Incredible Package! Count Me In Right Now!

It's Easy To Order...

Click Subscribe Button Below To Order!

Your P 16,750,  P 16750 for two people  can make a difference for you TODAY. 

Join the Online Internet Marketing Workshop Club now.

You have just read the most remarkably priced Internet Marketing offer of your life. You may not encounter something like this again-even from me. I suggest you take the plunge even if you only have 3 hours a week of spare time to give.

The less time you have, the better as you can do things more effectively. I should know, it took me 30 days to promote to thousands of persons to attend events and I know how compressed time can help you become selective and creative. After all, it's not money that makes more money, it's creativity.

P.S Have you wanted to purchase that 300 page Ebook from some internet marketing guru but have hesitated because if it's price of $ 27 dollars? Believe me, I've done that, it's not effective for you. What you need is a little information in a span of time that you can apply - quickly. You don't really have time to read his 300 page ebook, do you? 

But you have time to read a 1 page email daily or a fun game. That's how the Online Internet Marketing Workshop Club Emails are formatted. Easy to understand, fun and easy to apply how tos - in digestible formats. Avail of it now!

No paypal account?
Right now you can avail of this via one time payment of
P 16,750,  P 16750 for two people  by depositing via my BPI savings bank account 
name Jose Mario R Hilario
 then emailing me the Amount, Bank Branch and Date.

(c) 2010
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